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Give your people the support and skills they need to confidently scale to new heights


Personalized coaching that aligns with your organizational goals 

Your people are facing never before seen challenges! Many are in new or transitional roles and/or being tapped to lead transformations that they are unprepared for. Often, they don’t know what they don’t know.  Unfortunately, they're not likely to ask for help because they fear judgment, losing their job,  competition, and more. If they don't get the necessary support, they will likely fail. 


ClearPeg offers one-of-a-kind coaching that draws on deep business expertise to build -

The trusted "A-Team" of your dreams.


Maximize the potential of your people

Drive peak performance through personalized coaching.

Executives at Work

Be the preferred workplace in your industry

Be the clear choice for reputation and business performance.


Drive business results with a skilled  workforce

Empower your people to deliver on commitments in a timely, professional and personally sound manner.

Building upon more than 30 years’ business experience, the ClearPeg process begins with listening. We seek to understand your culture, current state, business goals, and desired growth trajectories for your employees. We’ve conducted more than 50 assessments across diverse industries and global locations, and we’ve learned how to align our efforts quickly and effectively with your specific needs. 


We keep assumptions in mind and in check. We then work one-on-one with the employees you’ve identified, or who’ve self-identified, as ready for a ClearPeg engagement. We provide a healthy place for people to grow, sound out ideas, get unstuck, and to recognize that they’re not alone on their journey. 


We’re not for everyone – we focus on developing growth-minded professionals.


Meet Todd White

ClearPeg's Principal, Todd White is a business  professional with deep experience building and managing teams across industries. His passion is helping people grow and creating new opportunities for them that allow them to reach peak performance.

A GM Ops of a major oil company asked to be connected to someone he could lean on as a sounding board. I introduced him to Todd, and Todd did the rest. He immediately connected with the GM and connected with the GM's direct reports. His deep experience, teaming style and storytelling made for a great fit and a quick impact. I look forward to working with Todd again.

Chief Operating Officer

Business Meeting


ClearPeg knows that human engagement is crucial for development, and we see coaching as a mechanism to build talent.

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Ready to learn more?

Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to explore whether ClearPeg is a good fit for your company.

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