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ClearPeg was founded in 2021 around a vision of helping people maximize their potential through coaching.

Founder and CEO Todd White recognized a growing need to support companies and their people in transition through routine employee engagement. Many strong people have been promoted, or "voluntold" to take on new roles with little to no real training or support.  Absent that support and healthy guidance from a guide with working knowledge of what it takes to make the transition, they are likely to struggle if not fully fail. ClearPeg’s approach uses a 3rd party confidant to accelerate employee development and performance.  


The confidential aspect is critical to the employee’s development. Simply stated, employees will not expose their deepest thoughts or questions within any element of a work relationship for fear of being judged. Consequently, assumptions are made around expectations that are routinely wrong and costly (time, money and relationships) for the employer and the employee.

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Top industry leaders are realizing their employees benefit from designated time and space for development. Particularly, a protected and permissive environment that supports real-world discussion within the context of current working life demands. Privatized, one-on-one, judgement-free coaching enables rapid growth and serves as a powerful sounding board for employees as they navigate new career heights and secure the desired business outcomes.


ClearPeg understands that most CEOs are not afraid that their people fail.  More, they are afraid they do not fail fast enough, fail forward and learn from failure vs repeating it.

We have worked across 20+ industries and various functions.  We do not advise on a technical basis for performing role or job function.  We provide guidance and coaching that supports step change expectations in presence, credibility and success related to development objectives.

Working with Todd at ClearPeg has helped me discover my strengths and my weaknesses. I understand where I am and what I can do. Each time we meet, we explore challenges I am facing and Todd always has great suggestions which I actually use and share with my team. I wish everyone at my company could have the opportunity to be coached by Todd.

Finance Manager

Meet Todd White

Todd is a recovering engineer.  His career spans more than 30 years across 20 different industries and multiple countries.

He has a BSME and spent his first 15 or so years in the field on the ground doing hands on mechanical engineering stuff.  Project engineer, new start-up engineer, supervisor, plant engineer, reliability engineer, engineering manager and group operations leader. 

The last 15 years have been spent in software, technical services, global reliability manager, strategy and consulting, business assessments, systems integration, director, senior director managing director, sales, marketing, Human Resources etc.

Describing his career as diverse is an understatement.  Not only has he worked across multiple functions and industries he has also lived abroad multiple times.  He is comfortable bottoms up and/or top down when it comes to working with people, functions or industries.

His unique experience and perspective allows him to relate to most any situation or circumstance that businesses or employees may find themselves.  He is known to engage with wherever folks are and build from there forward.

Todd’s values are bookended by mindfulness and fun.  He believes in the individual, responsibility, accountability and ownership.  Fundamentally you have to care and you have to do the work and ideally you have fun along the way.

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