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Driving Peak Performance

At ClearPeg, we work with organizations who are looking to invest in developing their high potential people. The leaders of these organizations understand the right kind of coaching can be instrumental in developing critical skills that result in increased innovation, initiative and creativity.  They value increased business acumen, better communication skills and higher overall work performance. Of course, they also appreciate the real business benefits that accrue when key players are performing at their peak including lower costs, higher revenues and better cash flow.


Many companies are facing the real world situation where high potential employees do not have the skills and insights needed to rise to their full potential. Often the internal resources needed to clear a path to success for people are not available and there is no employee development roadmap.

ClearPeg takes the time to understand your key business drivers to ensure that your employees are aligned with your goals. Then we work one-on-one with each individual to identify their unique needs and address barriers to success. We build critical thinking skills through problem identification, timely introduction of tools and techniques, and practical application of lessons learned. We connect the dots for personal and professional growth.

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In an increasingly competitive job marketplace, you can't afford to lose your best people. Many companies are finding that employees are being poached or are leaving for greener pastures. For some, the choice to leave is driven by a perception that they are not getting the time, attention and input they need to be successful. Others are uncertain of the career growth opportunities and how to progress at their current company.

ClearPeg helps employees understand levels of maturity and performance needed to be successful. We provide insight for building careers and we help create the vision, strategy and tactics of presence, credibility and success.  We provide real time judgement-free feedback and guidance and help build mindset and skill set to optimize effectiveness and efficiency.

This results in greater engagement and increased loyalty to stay.


Companies who do not invest in developing their people find that while their staff usually get the technical right, mostly they get the people or soft skills wrong. Unprofessional behavior is common and people tend to lack core business skills. This results in business and employees being lost to competitors.

ClearPeg works with your people individually to help build soft skills. We go further to build actionable knowledge that can be used to improve performance immediately.​ We help create sustainable change with routine touch points and practice. We accelerate performance to plan with the use of models and frameworks and a library of go to reference materials.

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I 've been working with Todd for 6 months, meeting every week. Today, I see a better version of myself. I see great improvement in my ability to manage the project and deal with problematic clients. Todd embraced my culture and I find it very comfortable talking about my professional and personal challenges.

Technical Architect

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