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I Wish I Knew: Are My People Ready for Coaching?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We know that pretty much everyone can benefit from one-on-one coaching. But not everyone is coachable! How do you know who is? Who is most likely to benefit from coaching?

The best candidates for coaching possess 5 key qualities:

1. They are 100 % accountable

2. They don’t compare themselves to others

3. They focus on their best selves

4. They don’t fixate on failure

5. They are ready and willing to do the work

Can you point to people in your company with these characteristics? There is enormous untapped potential leadership within most organizations. One-on-one coaching can awaken and actualize this potential. Yet I often encounter great resistance to the concept. Why?

Mostly it boils down to fear: fear of investing in the “wrong” people. Fear that people will evolve right out of the organization. Fear of spending money on the subjective and unquantifiable…But all these fears are unfounded.

Let’s face it: there are zero guarantees with people. The question is, what offers you the greatest return on investment? Growth-minded employees flourish with a coach who gives them what they need when they need it. A third-party coach gives them a judgment-free place for them to safely learn, challenge, and vet their thinking.

I once worked with a young manager pushed to the max from the stresses of his position. He was grappling with internal organizational challenges along with extraordinary client demands. Coaching helped him transition from a purely technical approach to being able to “connect the dots” with pragmatism and ease. He emerged from our sessions far more effective and appreciated by his team and clients. This success is repeatable!

Now, how do you get your employees to agree to coaching? There’s a chance that, when it’s first offered, the coachee will “freak out” – is this a punishment? Our first remit is to establish an open, safe space for communication. In our experience, they’ll likely soon recognize its value.

Coaching is an opportunity for executive development, and this obvious investment in their future brings the added benefit of making them feel recognized and appreciated. And this yields another benefit: it tends to insulate them from poaching or leaving.

It’s time for you to take the leap:

1. You’ve got to be ready to build the team that you want.

2. You have people that are ready. Support them in their journey.

3. Don’t wait for all “green lights” – trust the process.


ClearPeg was founded in 2021 around a vision of helping people maximize their potential through coaching. Learn more >

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