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Why ClearPeg?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Our typical client is the business leader who recognizes the need to build the "A-Team" of their dreams and support future talent today. You probably already know who needs us. Maybe you’ve seen that your team lacks professional channels of support. Or that someone has tremendous potential, but can’t seem to unleash it. Or that there’s no neutral sounding board for reflection or validating worth. You have a real desire for a trusted resource who can shepherd growth. That’s where ClearPeg comes in.

Building upon more than 30 years’ business experience, the ClearPeg process begins with listening.

We seek to understand your culture, current state, business goals, and desired growth trajectories for your employees. We’ve conducted more than 50 assessments across diverse industries and global locations, and we’ve learned how to align our efforts quickly and effectively with your specific needs. We keep assumptions in mind and in check. We then work one-on-one with the employees you’ve identified, or who’ve self-identified, as ready for a ClearPeg engagement. We provide a healthy place for people to grow, sound out ideas, get unstuck, and to recognize that they’re not alone on their journey.

We’re not for everyone – we focus on developing growth-minded professionals:

  • Professionals in a new role they lack experience in…even the best. We’ve all worked with superstars who have rapidly risen to executive or senior leadership positions. They’re great in their areas of expertise. However, they often have weaknesses in other critical areas. These areas may be new functional roles of responsibility, driving a transformation, leading people, strategic planning, delegation, decision making, or budgeting, to name a few.

  • Mid-career professionals with a few years of real success as solid individual contributors. They’ve proven themselves to be high-potential and high-performing. But now they’re bumping up against the limits of their ability to meet the increasing expectations they face. They’ve probably never had a mentor listen to them or share real-life experiences that could help them meet the new challenges they’re encountering.

We mentor your high-fliers so they grow into their full potential. We meet on a regular basis and provide the trusted sounding board and experience that allows your new as well as future leaders to grow in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

Risks increase when expectations change. Will this employee rise to their new challenges, or become frustrated, frightened, resentful? This is a critical juncture, and a great opportunity. And it’s when potential top performers need a psychologically safe, judgment-free space to grow and develop. We help them “connect the dots” of their journey, providing them with the resources they need to move forward without needing to look elsewhere.

From the Sponsor’s Perspective:

Ready Are your employees future-fit? If they don’t get the support they need, they will likely fail. It’s not only a basic human need to grow and mature – it’s a business need as well. We believe there’s a huge opportunity to help people quickly learn how to develop business acumen as well as to hone their softer social skills. Human engagement matters. To recognize the role they play, how it unfolds, and how they and others fit into the process. Hiring a guide for this journey is not naïve or punishment! It’s smart, and yields a competitive advantage.

Build Versus Buy Now more than ever, organizations are coming to terms with remote work forces, hybrid work environments, hybrid roles, step function changes in expectations, and a general recalibration of work and work-life balance, while still needing their employees to fulfill business needs. Retention and acquisition of talent are top of mind. But buying talent isn’t cheap. New talent acquisition can cost anywhere from 15% to more than three times an annual salary! And onboarding a new hire takes time, energy and training to bring them to a point where they’re adding value to your organization.

Cost If you’re willing to pay such a hefty price to secure talent, why wouldn’t you invest in retaining and nurturing such valuable resources? ClearPeg’s personalized coaching service accelerates the development of your key team players. We provide one-on-one coaching in line with your business needs and expected outcomes. We offer a judgment-free space for dialogue, questions, and critical thinking, along with tools and frameworks that support our clients for the long term.

Focus Within any organization, there’s the 10% or so who are on target for success, and another 10% - 20% who underperform and tend to get weeded out. But what about that huge middle section? How about the vital few that need a push/pull? What would you do differently if you knew that these employees were truly ready to grow, to win, and to remain loyal to your organization? That they can learn how to be faster, more focused, more flexible, and more skillful?

From a Coachee’s Perspective:

Trusted Guide ClearPeg helps coachees understand what defines true, enduring leadership and holistic success. We help create the vision, strategy, and tactics of presence, credibility and competence that underpin success. We provide real-time feedback and guidance. Engagement that builds a growth mindset and the skillsets that optimize effectiveness and efficiency. Think of us as a calming agent. We’re there to listen, challenge, and ramp them up. They gain greater empathy for themselves and others, for their company and its culture. This results in greater engagement and increased loyalty.

Proven Process Our methodology is unique, and uniquely suited to the people we serve. After conducting hundreds of one-on-one coaching sessions, we know that our approach just plain works. We’ve amassed more than 150 proven conceptual models and frameworks to help make sense of the business challenges our coachees face. We’re able to share this rich information as it’s needed, tailored to the particular situation of each individual. We apply our knowledge, experience, and valuable tools to their real-life problems, facilitating critical thinking and sustainable growth. We’re leveraging methodologies that might take weeks, months or years to play out during the normal course of a career and sharing these insights in a “blink” during each weekly session. As a coachee’s knowledge and awareness expands, their growth accelerates.

Tailored Because everyone is different, we meet each coachee on their own terms, shining a light on the behaviors and assumptions that are holding them back, and sharing effective tools for removing these barriers. Knowing what you know and what you don’t know, then acting, behaving, and collaborating accordingly is a massive differentiator. This is the nuanced approach that our coachees learn with ClearPeg, and it allows them to leverage their abilities like never before.

Confidential We all know that what’s judgment-free today can become career- or relationship-ending tomorrow. That’s why we provide a truly confidential 3rd-party sounding board.

The value of providing our coachees with a “strategic toolkit” for defining and building their professional identities cannot be overstated. Introduce these tools too early, and it’s too much to digest. Introduce them too late, and it’s, well, too late. In just a few sessions, we’re able to share lessons that might take years to synthesize without empathetic guidance.

As principal Todd White puts it, “NO ONE ever did it for me! Universities don’t teach this. Employers don’t teach this. It’s all trial and error and christening by fire. I built my first version of a career gig bag model more than 15 years ago. I would have loved to have had this model just a few years into my journey.”

Human Engagement Matters. We get it. We know that at some level, business is always based on people and relationships. We believe people will always be the foundation of innovation, creativity and success. We know that leaders worry about their people, but they don’t have the time, energy, or bandwidth to do all the directing, hand-holding, calibration and recalibration that might be needed.

We have a passion to see people grow, and we have a proven ability and process to foster that growth. We have a great track record building individuals and teams. We help unlock the vast resources you have in the people you’ve already hired, even those you might have started to second-guess.

Working with ClearPeg drives a potentially profound ROE -- Return on Effort.

Key Results Areas, KRAs:

  • Employee engagement index - Employee engagement is measured through attitude or engagement surveys. High employee engagement predicts higher productivity, better customer service, lower turnover, and many other relevant and positive outcomes.

  • Net Promoter Score - A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an excellent way of measuring to what degree someone would recommend a service or business to another person. Using the NPS, you can also measure to what degree people recommend working for the organization. Depending on your strategic goals, NPS can be a solid KPI.

  • Turnover rate - Turnover is a very common metric and may be an important KPI, as high turnover can be very costly.

  • Observable outcomes – Internal and external feedback. Growth in roles, responsibilities, ownership and rewards. Compensation, promotions and holistic performance score comparisons may prove valuable success indicators.

  • Ability to scale - Revenue and margin. Growth-minded mid-career professionals offer the greatest bandwidth to scale. Top performers are already tapped out so it's really difficult to squeeze more from them. Conversely, non-growth-minded individuals require more time and energy to ramp or push for potential.

Select Observable/Confidential Shares:

From the Sponsor: “When Todd came on board, we were all a bit skeptical at first, but he was able to bring new ideas and concepts to the team so they would be ready to bring their skills to the next level, with the right kind of tools. The members of our team are all big ClearPeg fans now, as am I.”

“I’ve worked with Todd for more than 10 years. During this time he has consistently demonstrated excellent communication skills, strong strategic thinking, a deep and broad understanding of organizations, and exceptional awareness of change-management techniques required to deliver sustainable performance improvement in any functional area.”

From the Coachee: “Working with ClearPeg has helped me discover my strengths and my weaknesses. I understand where I am and what I can do. Each time we meet, we explore challenges I am facing, and they always have great suggestions which I actually use and share with my team. I wish everyone at my company could have the opportunity to be coached by ClearPeg.”

“ClearPeg has played a major role in shaping my career. Some of the critical thinking skills I have learned form the framework for how I approach a range of professional as well as personal matters. Todd is extremely well rounded, very knowledgeable, a sophisticated professional/person, and a critical thinker. I can personally guarantee his ability to change careers and lives. I know he changed mine.


ClearPeg was founded in 2021 around a vision of helping people maximize their potential through coaching. Learn more >

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